Gems of Araku 2022

Auction starts on 26th May at 10:00AM (London time)

Overall Auction Description

Origin: Araku, India
Varieties: Arabica - Selection 9
Harvest Months: November to February
Score: 85.3 to 92+
Opening Price: $5.00/lb



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Nano Lots

Top 20 Lots


Nano Lots

The birth of Nano lots

All lots are cupped blind. Once the size of the lot is revealed, we realized these were too small to be included in the sample sets. Yet, these individual lots are very special and we are determined to offer as Nano Lots.

ロット 品種プロセススコア 重量 入札単位 入札 合計数 件名 最高入札者 残り時間
Nano127Arabica - Selection 9Washed92.055lbs$0.10$26.00/lb$1,430.00Nano127Palad​ Roasting​ Co., Ltd. FINISHED
Nano94Arabica - Selection 9Natural92.080lbs$0.10$25.25/lb$2,020.00Nano94MARISSTELLA COFFEE FINISHED
Nano149Arabica - Selection 9Natural90.0100lbs$0.10$22.50/lb$2,250.00Nano149Hatch Coffee Roasters FINISHED

Top 20 Lots

ロット 品種プロセススコア 重量 入札単位 入札 合計数 件名 最高入札者 残り時間
Gems107Arabica - Selection 9Natural90.43330lbs$0.10$17.25/lb$5,692.50Farm ElixirsCoffee Libre & Times Club FINISHED
Gems161Arabica - Selection 9Natural88.481,045lbs$0.10$6.00/lb$6,270.00Virtuous EconomyDRWAkefield FINISHED
Gems65Arabica - Selection 9Natural88.43770lbs$0.10$10.00/lb$7,700.00Indigenous Wisdom SUPREMO COFFEE FINISHED
Gems102Arabica - Selection 9Natural87.8715lbs$0.10$5.50/lb$3,932.50Nature in coffeePalad​ Roasting​ Co., Ltd. FINISHED
Gems44Arabica - Selection 9Natural87.78715lbs$0.10$7.50/lb$5,362.50Fair TradeAmoret Coffee FINISHED
Gems12Arabica - Selection 9Black honey87.7495lbs$0.10$11.25/lb$5,568.75Bean Legacy SUPREMO COFFEE FINISHED
Gems103Arabica - Selection 9Natural87.55770lbs$0.10$6.25/lb$4,812.50Power of YouthFoosung HDS Co., Ltd. FINISHED
Gems62Arabica - Selection 9Natural87.45935lbs$0.10$6.25/lb$5,843.75Family FarmingFoosung HDS Co., Ltd. FINISHED
Gems164Arabica - Selection 9Natural87.28660lbs$0.10$5.25/lb$3,465.00Collaborative Ecosystem- FINISHED
Gems15Arabica - Selection 9Washed87.2935lbs$0.10$7.00/lb$6,545.00Crimson RedFoosung HDS Co., Ltd. FINISHED
Gems75Arabica - Selection 9Natural87.18605lbs$0.10$6.00/lb$3,630.00Force of NatureSUPREMO COFFEE FINISHED
Gems163Arabica - Selection 9Washed87.151,100lbs$0.10$5.25/lb$5,775.00Fostering DevelopmentGreen Loaders Inc. FINISHED
Gems130Arabica - Selection 9Washed86.98385lbs$0.10$6.25/lb$2,406.25Soil MattersCoffee Montage & ROYAL COMMAND CORPORATION FINISHED
Gems152Arabica - Selection 9Natural86.8495lbs$0.10$6.00/lb$2,970.00Coffee ProfileCoffee Labs Roasters FINISHED
Gems110Arabica - Selection 9Natural86.71,320lbs$0.10$5.00/lb$6,600.00Breeding BiodiversityMARISSTELLA COFFEE FINISHED
Gems141Arabica - Selection 9Natural86.45550lbs$0.10$5.00/lb$2,750.00Nurturing FarmsOld Quarter Coffee Merchants FINISHED
Gems8Arabica - Selection 9Natural86.38715lbs$0.10$5.50/lb$3,932.50Discovering Potential SUPREMO COFFEE FINISHED
Gems37Arabica - Selection 9Washed86.31,155lbs$0.10$5.50/lb$6,352.50Community StrengthSUPREMO COFFEE FINISHED
Gems35Arabica - Selection 9Natural86.2385lbs$0.10$5.75/lb$2,213.75Women in CoffeeMOKKA SPECIALTY COFFEE FINISHED
Gems136Arabica - Selection 9Natural85.631,320lbs$0.10$5.00/lb$6,600.00Coffee Connection- FINISHED