Gems of Araku 2023

Overall Auction Description

ロット: 28
Origin: Araku, India
Varieties: Arabica - Selection 9
Harvest Months: October to February
Opening Price: $5.0/lb and $10.0/lb



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Nano Lots

Top 20 Lots


Nano Lots

The birth of Nano lots

All lots are cupped blind. Once the size of the lot is revealed, we realized these were too small to be included in the sample sets. Yet, these individual lots are very special and we are determined to offer as Nano Lots.

ロット 品種プロセスAverage scoreHighest score重量 入札単位 入札 合計数 件名 最高入札者 残り時間
NANO274Arabica selection 9Natural, Anaerobic94.094.0198lbs$0.10$10.25/lb$2,029.50NANO 274 (Whiskey barrel, ripe apricot, juicy, boozy, blueberry, red cherry)- FINISHED
NANO269Arabica selection 9Natural, Anaerobic92.592.524lbs$0.10$14.75/lb$354.00NANO 269 (Boozy, whiskey barrel, complex, super sweet, multidemsional)Discover Coffee Roasting Co FINISHED
NANO349Arabica selection 9Natural, Anaerobic91.091.086lbs$0.10$24.50/lb$2,107.00NANO 349 (Big fruit bowl, red cherry, plums, chocolate, boozy, red wine)Coffee Bros. FINISHED
NANO271Arabica selection 9Natural, Anaerobic88.588.5132lbs$0.10$10.00/lb$1,320.00NANO 271 (Spice, chocolate, long sweet finish, round body)Times Club Coffee FINISHED
NANO268Arabica selection 9Washed, Anaerobic87.087.048lbs$0.10$10.00/lb$480.00NANO 268 (Minty, very sweet, green grape, tartaric finish) BE BRAVE FINISHED
NANO267Arabica selection 9Washed, Anaerobic88.088.0187lbs$0.10$10.25/lb$1,916.75NANO 267 (Floral, juicy, complex, tea rose, balanced)- FINISHED

Top 20 Lots

ロット 品種プロセスAverage scoreHighest score重量 入札単位 入札 合計数 件名 最高入札者 残り時間
GEMS319Arabica selection 9Natural, Anaerobic91.895.0771lbs$0.10$10.20/lb$7,864.20Complex Crimson (Fruit, gooseberry, chocolate, wine, intense, boozy, whiskey barrel, multidimensional)Coffee Libre FINISHED
GEMS270Arabica selection 9Natural, Anaerobic90.8594.5386lbs$0.10$11.20/lb$4,323.20Plum Reserve (Blackberry, plum, layered, transparent, red wine, juicy and whiskey barrel)Foosung HDS Co., Ltd. FINISHED
GEMS206Arabica selection 9Natural89.4592.51,102lbs$0.10$6.50/lb$7,163.00Perfect balance (Mixed fruit bowl, orange, complex, red wine, boozy)BB Coffee Company GmbH FINISHED
GEMS143Arabica selection 9Natural89.17592.5937lbs$0.10$5.75/lb$5,387.75Soil Stewards (Rose, burgundy wine, juicy, complex, whiskey) PLOTCOFFEE GmbH FINISHED
GEMS171Arabica selection 9Natural88.690.0661lbs$0.10$6.35/lb$4,197.35Native Essence (Caramel, black grapes, plum, dried yellow fruit, apricot)PLOTCOFFEE GmbH FINISHED
GEMS170Arabica selection 9Natural88.3590.01,322lbs$0.10$5.35/lb$7,072.70Sustainable Sips (Juicy, apricots, honey, blueberry, tropical fruit)PLOTCOFFEE GmbH FINISHED
GEMS217aArabica selection 9Washed88.190.51,157lbs$0.10$5.50/lb$6,363.50Sweet Elixir (Floral, rose, caramel, clean, elegant, citrus, honey, syrupy body)Coffee Libre FINISHED
GEMS217bArabica selection 9Washed88.190.51,102lbs$0.10$5.25/lb$5,785.50Sweet Elixir (Floral, rose, caramel, clean, elegant, citrus, honey, syrupy body)Old Quarter Coffee Merchants FINISHED
GEMS181Arabica selection 9Natural88.0592.0771lbs$0.10$6.25/lb$4,818.75Sweet Symphony (Toffee, red apple, red velvet cake, very sweet, very clean & jammy)Foosung HDS Co., Ltd. FINISHED
GEMS262Arabica selection 9Natural87.8591.0771lbs$0.10$6.00/lb$4,626.00Tradition Forward (Plum, raisin, prune, cocoa, juicy, spice, sweet finish)Foosung HDS Co., Ltd. FINISHED
GEMS228Arabica selection 9Washed, Anaerobic87.7589.51,157lbs$0.10$5.25/lb$6,074.25Soil Science (Milk chocolate, caramel, honey, fruit cake, complex, tangerine and balanced)gathercoffee FINISHED
GEMS163Arabica selection 9Natural87.792.0882lbs$0.10$5.50/lb$4,851.00Island Terroir (Dates, raisin, plum, butter, blue berry, complex)Dabov Specialty Coffee FINISHED
GEMS62Arabica selection 9Natural86.7590.0551lbs$0.10$5.50/lb$3,030.50Dark Fusion (Dark chocolate, dark fruit, caramel, plum, blueberry)Foosung HDS Co., Ltd. FINISHED
GEMS113aArabica selection 9Natural86.5590.0827lbs$0.10$5.00/lb$4,135.00Indigenous Collaboration (Plum, balanced, cherry, blueberry)BE BRAVE FINISHED
GEMS113bArabica selection 9Natural86.5590.0661lbs$0.10$6.00/lb$3,966.00Indigenous Collaboration (Plum, balanced, cherry, blueberry)Old Quarter Coffee Merchants FINISHED
GEMS233Arabica selection 9Washed86.2590.0992lbs$0.10$5.00/lb$4,960.00Women Power (Fruity, rich, orange, complex, jasmine, refined with silky body)Old Quarter Coffee Merchants FINISHED
GEMS130Arabica selection 9Washed85.7589.0827lbs$0.10$5.00/lb$4,135.00Birds & Beans (Bright orange, transparent, butterscotch, toffee)ARAKU Coffee India & ARAKU Coffee France FINISHED
GEMS58Arabica selection 9Natural85.688.5661lbs$0.10$5.00/lb$3,305.00Nurturing Roots (Dark chocolate, red fruit, cherry, berriers, nice depth, spice & complex)Times Club Coffee FINISHED
GEMS304Arabica selection 9Natural85.188.5551lbs$0.10$5.00/lb$2,755.00Soil Matter(s) (Milk chocolate, cocoa, honey, raisin, citrus, caramel, spice)PLOTCOFFEE GmbH FINISHED
GEMS118Arabica selection 9Black Honey84.790.0827lbs$0.10$5.00/lb$4,135.00Black Honey (Complex, sweet lime, dried tropical fruit, super sweet)Driftaway Coffee FINISHED
GEMS110Arabica selection 9Washed84.186.0331lbs$0.10$5.00/lb$1,655.00Earthy Delight (Chocolate, sweet, citrus, honey, lime, bright acidity, orange)Gil-coffee FINISHED
GEMS204Arabica selection 9Washed, Anaerobic83.8587.0827lbs$0.10$5.00/lb$4,135.00Coffee Harmony (Fruity, fresh floral, orange, bright acidity, pineapple & good structure)Dabov Specialty Coffee FINISHED