Lot GEMS217b: Sweet Elixir (Floral, rose, caramel, clean, elegant, citrus, honey, syrupy body)

Gems of Araku 2023 debutant farmer family Appanna Dora and Kasunamma have made their mark with exceptional coffee output in the very first year, courtesy regenerative practices as well as a deep-rooted passion for coffee.

The farmer family has inherited knowledge and skills from generations before them, and continue to hone their craft with an unwavering dedication. Working hand-in-hand for over 10 years with commitment to Naandi’s sustainable practices, the duo has nurtured a farm that is not only productive but also sustainable for years to come.

Gems217, their flagship coffee, has floral and rose notes intermingled with hints of caramel and citrus with a syrupy body that adds an irresistible sweetness to the cup. As you savour every sip of this exquisite coffee, let yourself be transported to the mountains of Araku, where generations of farmers have honed their craft, passing on their knowledge and passion from one generation to the next.

Lot Description

Reference Number:GEMS217b
Opening Bid:$5.00/lb
入札単位 :$0.10
重量 :1,102 lbs
品種:Arabica selection 9
Altitude:3553 ft to 3717 ft
Location:Village: SANGODI
Average Score:88.1
Highest Score:90.5
国 :India
乾燥方法:Drying time: 10 days

Coffee details

Tasting Notes:Creamy, sweet, rich body, transparent, sweet vanilla, juicy, melon, apricot, honey dew, complex, citrus, peach, jasmine, wild honey, chrysanthemum almond, aligant
Other:Moisture: 10.00%


  • Fair Trade and Organic Certification


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List of Farmers

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