Lot GEMS163: Island Terroir (Dates, raisin, plum, butter, blue berry, complex)

Deesari Neelakantham & Danyamma grow specialty coffee on their 1-acre farm in Araku’s special coffee island - Baankubedda. Its distinct terroir contributes to unique and ever-evolving flavour notes to their coffees each year.

Baankubedda boasts one-of-a-kind micro climate– with unique, moist soils enriched by a diverse flora and fauna.

As long-time coffee farmers with Naandi, the duo is committed to regenerative farming practices that are visible in their farm. Exceptional mulching has built a distinctive aroma of healthy, living soil. Abundant moisture and defined soil structure ensures consistent availability of optimal growing conditions needed for healthy coffee plants and cherries.

The unique terroir combined with their efficient methods have created Gems163 – a complex coffee with notes of dates, raisin, plum, butter and blueberry.

Lot Description

Reference Number:GEMS163
Opening Bid:$5.00/lb
入札単位 :$0.10
重量 :882 lbs
品種:Arabica selection 9
Altitude:2835 ft - 2882 ft
Location:Village: BAANKUBEDDA
Average Score:87.7
Highest Score:92.0
国 :India
乾燥方法:Drying time: 23 days

Coffee details

Tasting Notes:Plum, raisin, dates, spicy, jasmine, chocolate, litchi, candy, melon, very sweet, spicy, complex, cardamom, winey, guava, fresh berry, tropical pineapple, cherry, cedar, banana, yellow flowers, papaya
Other:Moisture: 10.10%


  • Fair Trade and Organic Certification


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List of Farmers

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