Lot NANO269: NANO 269 (Boozy, whiskey barrel, complex, super sweet, multidemsional)

Araku Nano lots are exquisite, limited quantity of rare coffees that are too precious and small to be blended and therefore emerge as exclusive offerings in the auction.

Meticulously handpicked cherries of exceptional sweetness & high BRIX levels, undergo careful processing that accentuates their individual flavour profiles.

The outcome is nothing short of extraordinary - coffee beans that embody unparalleled excellence, flavour and artistry of the craft.

Lot Description

Reference Number:NANO269
Opening Bid:$10.00/lb
入札単位 :$0.10
重量 :24 lbs
品種:Arabica selection 9
プロセス:Natural, Anaerobic
Altitude:3708 ft - 4144 ft
Location:Village: MUSURI GONDIGUDA
Average Score:92.5
Highest Score:92.5
国 :India
乾燥方法:Drying time: 16 days

Coffee details

Tasting Notes:Boozy, whiskey barrel, complex, super sweet, multidemsional
Other:Moisture: 10.60%


  • Fair Trade and Organic Certification


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List of Farmers

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