Lot GEMS 5051a: Crimson Craft: Prune, dark fruit, litchi, honey, floral, cedar

“Pradhanam Nidhanam,” says V. Isaku, translating to “Patience is the key”. This 43-year-old village volunteer from Gangagudi in Araku mandal has been a long-time coffee grower. For him, the art of picking coffee cherries during harvest holds immense importance.

Each cherry holds the promise of future harvests, making meticulous selection essential. With patience as his guide, Isaku selectively harvests only ripe, crimson cherries to fetch a premium price for his produce.

This attention to detail has yielded rich rewards. His debut coffee in the 2024 Gems of Araku showcases a symphony of flavors including figs, prunes, dates, pomegranate juice, raisins, sparkling apple cider, orange, plum and white wine, with a rich and creamy body.

Lot Description

Reference Number:GEMS 5051a
Opening Bid:$5.00/lb
入札単位 :$0.25
重量 :773 lbs
品種:Arabica Selection 9
Altitude:1187 masl
Location:Village: Gangagudi | Mandal: Araku
Producer:V. Isaku
Average Score:89.2
Highest Score:93.0
国 :India
乾燥方法:14 days

Coffee details

説明 :

International jury cupping notes:This coffee showcases rich flavors of figs, prunes, and dates, alongside the tang of pomegranate juice and raisins. Its hints of sparkling apple cider and lemon juice, followed by the sweetness of passion fruit and orange plum, make it a unique lot. Notes of white wine and dried fruits intermingle with the tropical allure of pineapple. A touch of cinnamon and cloves adds complexity, balanced by the richness of molasses and candy-like sweetness. With a jammy texture and super sweet profile, it's reminiscent of mulled wine. Its rich and creamy body is complemented by nice acidity, while floral and tropical fruit undertones enhance the sweetness of brown sugar.

Other:Moisture: 10.2%


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