Lot GEMS 5024: Learning Legacy: Rose, tropical fruit, dark cherry, cocoa, nuts

Coffee has been the primary source of income for 43-year-old Seedhari Thokaraju and Gunnamma since 2014. However, the quest to enhance their yield and secure competitive prices for their coffee led them to join Naandi in 2019. Selected by his peers in Sonaba as the village volunteer, he took on the role of imparting vital regenerative agriculture techniques to fellow farmers.

As a committed mentor, Thokaraju led several meetings and hands-on training sessions. His efforts have significantly bolstered the adoption of sustainable practices in the village. Recognizing that learning is key for sustained progress, Thokaraju leads by example, embodying the principles he teaches.

His dedication culminated in the creation of a truly exceptional coffee this year, boasting a rich tapestry of flavors including raisin, grape, rosehip and strawberry. This remarkable brew, with its nuanced profile and lingering aftertaste, stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of farmer training and community empowerment.

Lot Description

Reference Number:GEMS 5024
Opening Bid:$5.00/lb
入札単位 :$0.25
重量 :1,159 lbs
品種:Arabica Selection 9
Altitude:1186 masl
Location:Village: Sonaba | Mandal: Dumbriguda
Producer:Seedhari Thokaraju & Gunnamma
Average Score:86.9
Highest Score:88.5
国 :India
乾燥方法:12 days

Coffee details

説明 :

International jury cupping notes: This lot offers a rich flavors blend of raisin, grape, and rosehip, alongside black currants and strawberry. Enjoy the sweetness of honey and floral notes, balanced by deep chocolate richness and a hint of spice. Delight in the crispness of black tea and mandarin orange, with a juicy, structured body. Notes of kumquat and pineapple add brightness, while lemon honey tea enhances the complexity. Hints of dark fruits and peanuts, with a touch of brown sugar and high acidity. Experience a juicy mouthfeel with a long-lasting aftertaste, offering sweetness and cleanliness with a subtle caramel finish.

Other:Moisture: 10.9%


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