Lot 171: The Heady Mix of Coffee and Sport in Araku

While it entailed hard work, the cultivation of world class coffee needed rigorous adherence to 18 steps to a quality coffee. This process has regularly evolved and it was crucial to pass this on from one generation to another and we are encouraged that a younger generation is taking interest in being involve in pursuit of excellence.

Since 2011, the youth in Araku has been united through sports via the annual volleyball tournament. Sports has played an active role in bringing the community together and passing on the tradition of agriculture from one generation to another. Araku, today, has a total of 435 teams (35 out of which are girls’ teams).

A majority of the Lot 171 coffee comes from village Musiri Gondiguda, a village renowned for its exemplary coffee quality since 2006 as well as its stellar volleyball team that has encouraged youngsters to take up farming over the years!

Lot Description

Reference Number:171
Opening Bid:$5.00/lb
入札単位 :$0.25
重量 :644.6 lbs
品種: Arabica - Selection 9
プロセス:Washed Processing
Harvest: Dec 20 - Mar 21
Producer Cupping Notes:Crisp, apple
スコア :87.04
Shipping Method:Ecotact vacuum sealed bag


Producer Name: CH Bujji Babu
Town: Labjari, Musirigundigada
農園標高: 3116 - 4920 ft (950-1500 m)


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List of Farmers

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