Lot 128: Farm Practices

Chikudi Hari Babu has been a key member of SAMTFMAC since 2011. An exemplary coffee producer, he follows the prescribed regenerative agricultural practices and spends most of the time in his coffee farm, motivating other coffee farmers to adhere to monthly plant management practices. This has ensured steady growth for Araku coffee, taking it beyond average to specialty and Lot 128 is an example.

To create a cohort of independent coffee entrepreneurs in Araku, farmers have to become experts in all aspects of coffee production - right from selection of the healthiest seed, to the techniques of harvesting and sorting the perfect crimson coffee cherry.


重量:396 lbs
品种: Arabica - Selection 9
加工方式:Semi-washed Processing
收成: Dec 20 - Mar 21
生产者杯测笔记:peach, complex lovely flv
邮寄方式:Ecotact vacuum sealed bag


生产商名称: Korra Subharao
镇: Labjari
农场海拔: 3116 - 4592 ft (950-1400 m)


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List of Farmers

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