Lot GEMS 5146: Sealed Aromas: Pepper, fruit bowl, whiskey barrel, dark fruit, chocolate

In Sangodi village, the aroma of award-winning coffee once again fills the air as Mudava Appanna Dorra proudly presents GEMS 5146. Having garnered acclaim in 2023, Appanna's coffee returns this year with renewed vigor.

With confidence brimming, Appanna is certain that his natural coffee will enthral connoisseurs once again with its distinct notes of berry, whiskey barrel, apple cider and peaches, accompanied by a delightful hint of tropical fruits - a flavour profile unlike any other.

An esteemed coffee farmer for nearly eighteen years, Appanna has embraced the principles of regenerative agriculture and refined his skills consistently. This recurring accolade not only reaffirms his confidence but also underscores the importance of consistency in his pursuit of excellence.


参考编号:GEMS 5146
重量:717 lbs
品种:Arabica Selection 9
高度:1165 masl
地点:Village: Sangodi | Mandal: Paderu
种植农:Mudava Appanna Dorra
干燥方法:17 days



International jury cupping notes: This coffee bursts with juicy berry flavors and a touch of honey, layered with peaches, oranges, and hints of wine. It has refreshing notes of apple cider and vibrant acidity, along with the complexity of orange, lemon, and kiwi. Tropical fruits like sorbet and guava mingle with a silky body, creating a well-balanced brew. Delicate hints of raisins and cinnamon cake add sweetness, complemented by floral undertones. With a hint of whiskey and spice, it's a transparent and melodic cup.

其他:Moisture: 10%


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