Lot GEMS 5126: Brix Delight: Grapefruit, juicy, dark chocolate, candy gooseberry

At 1128 meters above sea level, P. Rammurthy's coffee plot in Gurra Garuvu village greets visitors with a lush canopy of fruit and forest trees. What was once land for subsistence farming now flourishes as a high-yielding coffee paradise.

Among his peers, Rammurthy stands out for his record-breaking Grade 1 quality coffee cherries this year, a result of his commitment to regenerative farm management practices. Like all coffees in Araku, his precious beans underwent rigorous quality checks upon arrival at the Coffee Processing Unit (CPU).

Sweetness aka Brix reading is a crucial quality parameter. GEMS 5126 boasts an impressive Brix score of 19 and the cup reveals notes of spice, tartness, floral hints, whiskey, sparkling and orange.


参考编号:GEMS 5126
重量:386 lbs
品种:Arabica Selection 9
高度:1128 masl
地点:Village: Gurra Garuvu | Mandal: Paderu
种植农:P Rammurthy
干燥方法:23 days



International jury cupping notes: Flavors interplay of spice, tartness, and sweetness, complemented by floral accents and a hint of whiskey. Effervescent notes of sparkling orange, with a balanced body and mouthfeel. Delight in the nuances of apple, berry, cinnamon, and grapefruit, creating a harmonious cup.

其他:Moisture: 10.1%


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