Lot GEMS 5087b: Green Thumbs: Mandarin orange, tea, hint of floral, honey, spice

Korra Vijay Kumar and his wife Susheela embarked on their coffee journey with Naandi Foundation six years ago. It was Vijay Kumar's father, who initially ventured into coffee cultivation back in 2012. However, with limited know-how of specialty coffee production and its needs, the endeavour yielded modest results for the family.

The introduction of Naandi’s proprietary bio-inputs sparked a transformation. These inputs, carefully applied at specific times, helped initiate microbial activity in the soil, enhance photosynthetic processes, resulting in robust growth and increased yield. “We were eager to unlock our coffee’s true potential. With the use of these inputs, we've witnessed visibly healthier and larger cherries," asserts Vijay Kumar.

Today, vibrant coffee bushes adorn their farm. The duo’s coffee offers a captivating profile of caramel, butter, cinnamon, brown sugar and fresh cream.


参考编号:GEMS 5087b
重量:662 lbs
品种:Arabica Selection 9
高度:1064 masl
地点:Village: Ganjaiguda | Mandal: Araku
种植农:Korra Vijay Kumar & Susheela
干燥方法:29 days



International jury cupping notes: This coffee boasts a luscious blend of caramel and honey, with bright notes of orange and the comforting richness of butter. Subtle hints of cinnamon and brown sugar add depth to the flavor profile, reminiscent of freshly baked bread. A touch of fresh cream rounds out the experience, creating a velvety texture and a delightful indulgence.

其他:Moisture: 10.8%


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