Lot GEMS 5077: Arakunomics: Raisin, plum, sugarcane, nuts, citrus

Recognized by the Rockefeller Foundation, Arakunomics represents a decentralized approach that ensures profitability for farmers, quality for consumers while safeguarding the environment.

In the heart of Araku, V. Sanyasi Rao and his wife Chinammi embody the spirit of Arakunomics. For over 14 years, they have diligently cultivated high-quality coffee, not just reaping financial rewards but also sowing the seeds of prosperity for their community and ecology.

This year marks a significant milestone as the couple unveils their latest harvest- boasting notes of orange marmalade, peach, apricot, lime, green tea and spice. This success stands as a testament to Araku's bright future under the guiding principles of Arakunomics.


参考编号:GEMS 5077
重量:1,104 lbs
品种:Arabica Selection 9
高度:1135 masl
地点:Village: Rangasinghpadu | Mandal: Hukumpeta
种植农:V Sanyasi Rao & Chinammi
干燥方法:27 days



International jury cupping notes: This coffee boasts vibrant flavors of orange marmalade and peach, with hints of apricot and lime adding a refreshing twist. Notes of green tea contribute to a good body and brightness, while a subtle spice and honey sweetness round out the profile, creating a harmonious and satisfying cup.

其他:Moisture: 10%


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