Lot GEMS 5057a: Shade Symphony: Mango, smooth, tropical fruit, bright, sweet, apricot

Coffee is a reflection of its environment and Araku coffee epitomizes this connection. It is grown under diverse and indigenous fruit, forest trees grown by local farmers. This is done with very strict scientific and agricultural support from experts who have helped reintroduce native species into the region, restoring Araku’s biodiversity.

J. Thamanna is a returning farmer from Gems of Araku 2023. His coffee plot is adorned with a canopy of forest and shade trees, including silver oak, mango, jackfruit, orange, lemon and papaya to name a few. It is the essence of these diverse trees that find their way into every coffee bean from this lush farm.

Thamanna's returning coffee is a complex, structured brew that delights with bright notes of citrus fruits like sweet lime, lemon, brown sugar, black tea and malt.


参考编号:GEMS 5057a
重量:773 lbs
品种:Arabica Selection 9
高度:1171 masl
地点:Village: Geddavalasa | Mandal: Hukumpeta
种植农:J Thamanna
干燥方法:10 days



International jury cupping notes: This coffee presents a delightful sweetness with prominent notes of lemon and lime, accompanied by a subtle spice that adds complexity to its structure. With hints of brown sugar and citric undertones, it offers a nuanced flavor profile reminiscent of black tea and malt.

其他:Moisture: 10%


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