Lot 15: K Suri Babu – The Lakhpati Farmer

34-year-old K Suri Babu and his wife B Korra showcase the victory of Naandi’s commitment to farmer profitability. The duo relies on regenerative agricultural practices and have helped establish a bio centre in their village Gangavaram. In 2019, K Suri Babu generated an income of Rs 100,000+ from his coffee, securing the title Lakhpati. (Lakhpati is someone who earns 100,000 or more)

In addition to coffee, farmers in this village are involved in Naandi’s agro-forestry program to enrich environmental diversity and generate additional income from timber and fruit trees. K Suri Babu and his fellow farmers attribute the ever-improving quality of their soils and coffee crop to the carbon enriching regenerative agricultural methods they practice.

Lot Description

Reference Number:15
Opening Bid:$5.00/lb
무게:275 lbs
Varietal: Arabica - Selection 9
Process:Honey Processing
Harvest: Dec 20 - Mar 21
Producer Cupping Notes:smooth, green (sugarcane), balanced, good fruity
Shipping Method:Ecotact vacuum sealed bag

Farm details

Producer Name: K Suri Babu
Town: Gangavaram
Farm Elevation: 3280 - 4592 ft (1000-1400 m)

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