Lot 13: Araku’s Unique Terroir

Araku Coffee is grown in ancestral terroirs located on the highlands of Araku Valley, a notified tribal region of South-Eastern India. Hand-cultivated in small parcels of land, this single-origin shade grown coffee is selectively harvested to bring out its distinct flavour. Each farm is GPS mapped and studied agronomically for its unique ecology, exposition and how these factors come together to raise healthy coffee bushes.

The farmers build on this knowledge and work with their coffee ecosystems to elicit unique taste profiles in the cup. Lot 13 is a 100% natural process, with distinct nuances of berry, lemongrass and jasmine.

Lot Description

Reference Number:13
Opening Bid:$5.00/lb
무게:385 lbs
Varietal: Arabica - Selection 9
Process:Honey Processing
Harvest: Dec 20 - Mar 21
Producer Cupping Notes:moss, lemon grass, berry, floral(jasmin)
Shipping Method:Ecotact vacuum sealed bag

Farm details

Producer Name: Pangi Ramesh
Town: Degu Gasarapalli
Farm Elevation: 3608 - 4264 ft (1100-1300 m)

기타 정보

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List of Farmers

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