Lot 91: Baankubedda– The Island Village

Accessible only by small boats, Baankubedda has carved a unique place for itself in the Araku coffee region. The island has been growing coffee since 1999 and is one the farthest villages for MACS with a distance of 56 miles from Munchingput mandal headquarters. During the harvest region, the farmers take multiple trips in wooden boats to pluck crimson red cherries. Being surrounded by water, the coffee develops special flavour notes because of the unique microclimate.

The island has diversified shade of silver oaks, mango, pongamia, acacias, and soils of scattered medium and big rocks contributing to minerality that provides the coffee with good body and acidity. This year’s Lot 91 is testament to this with flavour notes of sweet, citrus, lime and orange standing out.

Lot Description

Reference Number:91
Opening Bid:$5.00/lb
Weight:319 lbs
Varietal: Arabica - Selection 9
Process:Natural Processing
Harvest: Dec 20 - Mar 21
Producer Cupping Notes:sweet, citrous lime, orange
Shipping Method:Ecotact vacuum sealed bag

Farm details

Producer Name: Limkiya Gangadhar
Town: Baankubedda
Farm Elevation: 3608 - 4264 ft (1100-1300 m)

Other info

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List of Farmers

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