Lot 45: Restoring Biodiversity

In the course of working with Araku farmer families, Naandi understood that the farmers wanted to restore their beloved Mother forest. The locals also wanted to regain the harmonious and mutually supportive relationship they had with the land. The only way forward was to reforest the entire Araku region. This would integrate two outcomes – improve the landscape of the valley and generate additional income for the small landholding farmers.

Over the years, Naandi Foundation facilitated this change. Today over 34,000 acres of forest has been restored and over 24.8 million trees of 19 different varieties planted in the Araku region. Coffee shade forests make up an important part of this ecosystem restoration and the income the farmers receive from their quality coffee encourages them to plant more trees in a win-win-win for farmers, for discerning coffee customers and for the environment.

Coffee and cupping details

Weight: 660 lbs
Score: 87.3
Cupping notes: sweet cherry, pepper
Harvest Date: Dec 20 - Mar 21
Varietal: Arabica - Selection 9

Farm details

Top Performing Farmer: V Chitti Babu
Top Performing Village: Gondhirapa
Farm Elevation: 2952- 4100 ft (900-1250 m)
Processing Method: Natural Processing

Other info

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List of Farmers

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