Soil to Sip: Discover Araku’s Finest Specialty Microlots

24th May 2023 at 14:00PM (London)

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Gems of Araku

Celebrating 15 Years of Excellence

Year after year since 2009, Gems of Araku has curated a collection of exquisite coffees crafted to capture the essence of Araku's unique terroir and rich cultural heritage.

The roots of Araku specialty coffee are deeply & intricately tied to its SOIL. These rich soils, now restored with nourishing nutrients as a result of our regenerative agronomy, ensure coffee cherries are packed with natural sugars. Araku’s bio-diverse farms with multi-tier shade further create a lasting imprint on a sensitive coffee plant, yielding complex flavour profiles in these microlots.

It is this very strength of the regions’ SOIL, combined with the indigenous knowledge and artistry of our tribal farmers that yields truly exceptional coffees each season. The coffees further evolve during in-house processing with carefully crafted steps that bring out the best in the beans.

Auction Times

24th May 2023,14:00pm (London)

  • 06:00am: Los Angeles
  • 09:00am: New York
  • 10:00am: Sao Paulo
  • 14:00pm: London
  • 15:00pm: Frankfurt
  • 18:30pm: Hyderabad
  • 20:00pm: Jakarta
  • 21:00pm: Shanghai
  • 22:00pm: Tokyo
  • 22:00pm: Seoul
  • 23:00pm: Sydney
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All Araku coffees are 100% Arabica, single-origin, certified organic, fair trade and chemical-free.

Season 2023 coffees feature: Natural, Washed, Black Honey and Experimental Processes

“This season, each microlot is an artisanal masterpiece, showcasing the nuances of the land from which it came. Prominent flavour notes include tropical fruit, dried red fruits, whiskey barrel, caramel, lime, round body and super sweet.”

Sherri Johns, Head Judge

Season 2023 coffees pay homage to the ever-nourishing SOILS and persistent yet deeply humble SOULS of Araku, India.

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Our Jury

The International Jury 2023 includes:

  • Sherri Johns - HEAD JUDGE, USA
  • Andrew Barnette - Linea Caffe, USA
  • Anuwat Kobnampetch - Palad Roasting Co., Ltd, Thailand
  • Chartree Treelertkul - Peaberry Coffee Ltd., Thailand
  • Eung Zoo Yon - Foosung HDS Co. Ltd, South Korea & USA
  • Gyeongseon Yee - Caffe Gather, Korea
  • Hyeokjune Kwon - Coffee Libre, Korea
  • Jeff Chean - Groundwork Coffee Co., USA
  • Jordan Dabov - Dabov Specialty Coffee, Bulgaria
  • Nathan Schaefer - Old Quarter Coffee Merchants, Australia
  • Nut Agpiyakul - My Name Specialty, Thailand
  • Philip Hand - Groundwork Coffee Co., USA
  • Raphael Braune - Supremo Coffee, Germany
  • Silvia Tan - Coffee Stain, Malaysia
  • Tanawat Jayuutdiskul - Impact Exhibition Mgt. Co., Thailand
  • Thomas Kliefoth – Plot Coffee, Germany
  • Tussawan Sittirat - Palad Roasting Co., Ltd, Thailand
  • Yuko Itoi - Times Club, Japan

Sample Sets sold out

Ordering samples allow you to taste each lot prior to the auction and be ready to bid.

Sample Set Fee: $200

20 Samples / 200 grams each

Results 2023

Our Experts

Sherri Johns

Head Jury

Sherri is an Authorized SCA Trainer (AST), former Cup of Excellence Head Judge, managing and leading national and international juries in 11 plus countries.

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David Hogg

Chief Agriculture Advisor

David’s expertise lies in curation and application of regenerative principles to the various fields of agriculture and developing protocols for sustainable coffee production.

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