Timeless Microlots from the Coffee Terroirs of Araku

26th May at 10:00AM (London)

Thank you to all of you who took part. We are grateful for your interest in these coffees.

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Gems of Araku

Celebrating a legacy

Since 2009, Gems of Araku offers a collection of exclusive coffees inspired by Araku’s unique terroir, rich diversity and farming spirit. In Araku, our soils help maintain aromatic lifts, the climate keeps the acidity vibrant and farms exuberate flavours – making these coffees extra special.

View Our Results for 2022

No two coffees are alike. At the end of each season, microlots with unique characteristics emerge.

“Season 2022 coffees are compelling and massively endowed with notes of fruit bowl, plum, raisin, tangerine, honey and much more. Each lot shares its secrets. The coffees are structured, well-bodied & approachable featuring Natural, Washed, Honey and Experimental lots.” – Sherri Johns

Good coffee has
always been
about its origin -
soil, its people
and their spirit.

We found ours in Araku

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Auction Times

26th May 2022, 10:00am (London)

  • 02:00am: Los Angeles
  • 05:00am: New York
  • 06:00am: Sao Paulo
  • 10:00am: London
  • 11:00am: Frankfurt
  • 14:30pm: Hyderabad
  • 16:00pm: Jakarta
  • 17:00pm: Shanghai
  • 18:00pm: Tokyo
  • 18:00pm: Seoul
  • 19:00pm: Sydney

Our Jury

The International Gems of Araku Jury 2022 includes:

  • Sherri Johns - HEAD JUDGE, USA
  • Alfonso Tupaz & Boris Lee, Hatch Crafted Coffee, Canada
  • Anne Valdez – Amrita Coffee, USA
  • Anuwat Kobnampetch - Cafe Chiang Mai, Coffee Ministry, Thailand
  • Eung Zoo Yon - Foosung Hds Co. Ltd, LaB Coffee, South Korea & USA
  • June Tusawan - Cafe Chiang Mai, Coffee Ministry, Thailand
  • Jordan Dabov - Dabov Specialty Coffee, Bulgaria and Spain
  • Mike Love - Coffee Labs Roasters, USA
  • Pil Hoon - Coffee Libre, South Korea
  • Raphael Braune - Supremo Kaffee Roastery, Germany
  • Sucheera Khawatkun, Cafe Chiang Mai, Coffee Ministry, Thailand
  • Sung Hwa Jeong, Foosung Hds. Ltd. Korea
  • Thomas Kliefoth - Elbgold Rostkaffee GmbH, Germany
  • Yuko Itoi - Times Club Coffee, Japan

Sample Sets Sold Out!

Ordering samples allow you to taste each lot prior to the auction and be ready to bid.

Sample Set Fee: $200

20 Samples / 200 grams each

View Our Results for 2022 here

Our Experts

Sherri Johns

Head Juror

Sherri is an Authorized SCA Trainer (AST), former Cup of Excellence Head Judge, managing and leading national and international juries in 11 plus countries.

David Hogg

Chief Agriculture Advisor

David’s expertise lies in curation and application of regenerative principles to the various fields of agriculture and developing protocols for sustainable coffee production.

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