Lot GEMS 5049: Microbial Magic: Dried citrus, almond, strawberry, sugarcane, molasses

In 2016, K. Laxman and his wife Vijaykumari began cultivating coffee and pepper on 0.8 acres of land to provide for their family of seven.

To begin their coffee journey, the couple received coffee seedlings from Naandi’s local, in-house nursery. These coffee seedlings had been treated with a blend of locally sourced herbs and organic materials, had been nurtured from the very moment of germination, setting the stage for robust growth. Through consistent application of bio-inputs throughout the coffee bush's life cycle, the couple ensured optimal conditions for producing high-quality coffee cherries.

This diligent adherence to regenerative agricultural practices laid the foundation for remarkable results. With its exquisite cupping notes of honey, caramel, mango, raisin and green apple, the coffee is complemented by a delightful acidity.

Lot Description

Reference Number:GEMS 5049
Opening Bid:$5.00/lb
Weight:993 lbs
Varietal:Arabica Selection 9
Altitude:1082 masl
Location:Village: Gondivalasa | Mandal: Araku
Producer:K Laxman & Vijaykumari
Average Score:86.2
Highest Score:89.0
Drying Method:22 days

Coffee details


International jury cupping notes: This coffee offers a rich blend of honey, caramel, and ripe mango flavors, with subtle undertones of raisin and green apple. Its good acidity and body complement the sweetness, while notes of peach linger in the long finish.

Other:Moisture: 10.7%

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