Lot 109: Commitment to Excellence

Vanthala Bibishen was recipient of “Best field” and “Best theory and practice” for the Gems of Araku 2014-15 competition. During the harvest season, he treks for an hour to get to his coffee farm. This area is characterised by multiple terroirs and is primarily of upper/high plantations. Regular and continuous application of organic plus inoculants enriches the soil that represents quality in the cup.

Like him, farmers of Araku work passionately and intimately with their farms to produce quality coffee. The farmer creativity is the very soul of terroir coffee. Lot 109 perfectly expresses farmers like Vanthala’s commitment to excellence showcasing strawberry, sweet, citrusy flavours in the lot.

Coffee and cupping details

Weight: 495 lbs
Score: 86.0
Cupping notes: strawberry, sweet, citrousy flv
Harvest Date: Dec 20 - Mar 21
Varietal: Arabica - Selection 9

Farm details

Top Performing Farmer: Vanthala Mittana
Top Performing Village: Arma Nandivalasa
Farm Elevation: 3116 - 4100 ft (950-1250 m)
Processing Method: Washed Processing

Other info

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List of Farmers

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