Lot 101: The Science Behind Araku

The regenerative agricultural model practiced in Araku is a syncretic approach that garners the best of all holistic organic methods. Critical to this, is the use of proprietary bio-inoculants that enculture our composts/mulches and thereby enliven the soil to create a stable carbon-rich humus that sustain coffee bushes year-round. This also helps maximise soil water retention and mitigate climate change. 

This unique model is further fortified by the biodiversity of our afforestation programme.  It is the ‘altogetherness’ of the model that is the key to its sustainability. A bonus comes in the form of a delicately complex coffees like Lot 101. 

Coffee and cupping details

Weight: 660 lbs
Score: 85.98
Cupping notes: delicate complex
Harvest Date: Dec 20 - Mar 21
Varietal: Arabica - Selection 9

Farm details

Top Performing Farmer: Thamarla Simhachalam
Top Performing Village: Ukurbha/ SARASAPADU ALLAMPUT
Farm Elevation: 3116 - 4100 ft (950-1250 m)
Processing Method: Washed Processing

Other info

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List of Farmers

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